Faculty of Sharia and Law

1 / scientific and research achievements:
 College participated in Assiut Forum Arab Universities research submitted by the student Juma Hamdan - titled common banking contracts in Sudan - where the college has made this thesis second place at the level of Arab countries participating in the forum and ranked first on the level of Sudanese universities that participated in the forum.
 The college students of outstanding students in the exam regulation of the legal profession (equation), where he was successful in the last exam more than 80% of the examinees among students.
 It graduated number six batches since the founding of the college in 2005 and now they are Itbooan functions of different law (Law Firm - prosecutors - judges - advisers).
2 / college's contribution to community service:
 Established the Faculty of Sharia advocacy cycle included all sectors of society Abousbd locality where the number of students from 310 men and women included a session where all disciplines of Jurisprudence (Fiqh of the family - the jurisprudence Alebadat- modern science - Biography Allenboah- purposes of law and advocacy) was the duration of the course a month in cooperation with the Organization of the call Islamic and awarded certificates for each college students.
 Set up a college advocacy cycle Altbekr area but the brutal attack on the region's percentage of the session before the armed movements stopped and will resume in the near future.
 Assess overall advocacy cycle region Dad heart rustic Abousbd on Friday, 1/9/2015 m and lectures in which all faculty members and will continue for a fortnight and was taught follows (Fiqh of the family - the jurisprudence Alebadat- modern science - Biography Allenboah- purposes of law and advocacy - and verses and sayings of sentences ).
 LEADS college professors of various mosques Abousbd City imams at Friday prayers.
 College participated in a seminar entitled (marital rights) in coordination with the local People's Police Abousbd. Where he was dean of the college spokesman.
 Set up a workshop for faculty development and curriculum revision in 2007
 Now in the process of establishing a workshop for the development and revision of curriculum for 2015
Public ceremonies:
College participates permanently in all local celebrations and be effective overall management permanently within the High Commissions of the following celebrations:
 Independence festival
 School session


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