Center for Peace Studies

The scientific and Research achievements of the center:
 Granting of an honorary doctorate from the Center for Peace Studies of the President of the Republic in peace and effective role in bringing peace to Sudan, Africa and the Arab world.
 Man mainland friend granting an honorary doctorate from the center and let him to the role of the growing support in the university and to file Receiving the peace in Darfur.
 Project vacation graduate (master's and doctoral) of Center for Peace Studies.
 Publications in Sudan and the Sudanese Studies Education.
 Many of lectures, seminars and workshops held.
 Director of the Center for the shield of excellence in the Conference of Environment, Water and Desert Conference (Geomatics) the city of Aqaba, Jordan has participated scientific paper marked environmental Palmededdat for urban expansion Omdurman using the technique GIS And the RS .
The contribution of the center in the field of community development:
 Halomn social peace symposium.
 Seminars in student violence (breasts, Oboozbd, Ghibaish).
 Violence against women.
 Education Sudanese constitution.
 Biodiversity locality breasts seminar (features, controls and effects).
 A seminar on environmental sanitation has been accompanied by a campaign of sanitation of the city and the university.
 Seminar on sustainable development.
Training courses:
 Center intends to do a training course for civil administration (Asharati) and their role in the peace process.
 Public projects:
 Legislator environmental sanitation.
 Education project by the constitution.
 Project graduate of the Center for Peace Studies.
Public ceremonies:
 The Center participated in all the celebrations and carnivals interior of the university, state and local Awalmedinh and Mageorha.
Internal and external conferences:
 Environment, Water and Desert Conference on Sustainable Ltinayh and Jordan 03/31/2015 m Aqaba.
 The center participated in all conferences Magistrate between Misseriya tribes (red and blue) and the Misseriya and reds,


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