Council of University Management

Council of University Management
Members of the University Council :
• Chairman of the Board .
Members officio, and they :
1. Director .
2. Deputy Director .
3. The agent is scheduled to Council .
• Deans, deans and baptisms support:
1. Dean of Student Affairs .
2. Secretary of Scientific Affairs .
3. Librarian .
4. Dean of Scientific Research .
5. director of evaluation and accreditation and quality management .
• Members chosen from within the university, and they :
1. six members selected by the Board of professors, two of them from the deans of colleges and four senior professors .
2. Three workers, two of them from non-teaching staff .
3. Two members, one chosen by the students union president of the Union .
• Members from outside the university: Twenty-one members, specialists, efficiency and attention:
Higher education and national issues, appointed by the sponsor on the recommendation of the Minister, so be for the Council four years from the date of composition .
University Council tasks :
1. policies and plans for the development of the university and improve their performance scientifically and educationally and administratively, financially and modernize its working methods and methods put .
2. discuss the annual budget of the University, brought by a Commission approval and the lifting of the National Council, and follow up the implementation of the budget authority, including the final report and the preparation of the final account and publish proposals .
3. Put the Development Plan of the University and leave development budget proposals and submit them to the National Council .
4. Create colleges, schools, institutes and centers and departments and university hospitals and any other investment institutions, cancellation and determine their location within the university or anywhere else diameter or a recommendation to the competent authority to be converted to any other University and the acceptance of affiliation of colleges and institutes and give its members the right to enjoy any of the benefits of the university and all based on recommendation from the Council of Professors .
5. recommendation to the National Council on the status of the conditions and systems for scientific qualifications required to accept students for university studies .
6. determine the number of students with academic specialties and resources necessary to provide within the framework of policies decided by the National Council .
7. setting tuition and fees policy in accordance with standards established by the National Council .
8. propose functional structure and submit it to the Cabinet for clearance and conditions of service proposed by the National Council, and permitted him to shepherd the decision after the recommendation of the Minister of Finance and National Economy and the Minister of Human Resources Development and Labour and the Supreme Council for wages .
9. leave annual report of the Director on the scientific and administrative and financial functioning of the University and published .
10. acquisitions on behalf of the university for any movable or real estate, maintain and dispose of them in any way, taking into account the legal right of the National Council in the issue any directives in this regard .
11. University funds development and investment by contributing to the companies or partnerships or other projects
12. In other disposition of the revenue, taking into account the right of the National Council in the issue any directives in this regard .
13. organizing university accounts and make sure there is correct books for those accounts restrict where all the money received by the university and the money at its disposal, assets and liabilities in order to give these notebooks true picture of the financial condition and explain its transactions as determined by this law and statutes and regulations .
14. accept donations, gifts and bequests, endowments and other and identify exploited is not inconsistent with the purposes of the university and to take into account the conditions of donor .
15. borrow as needed to borrow amounts from time to time to do its work and to ensure any movables or real estate owned by the university .
16. awards for non-scientific people who are considered worthy of them, according to the regulations .
17. issuance of statutes and regulations necessary to carry out its work, and the implementation of its terms of reference and to exercise his powers in accordance with the provisions of the University Act .
18. delegate any of his powers, except construction and cancellation authorities, and the issuance of the statutes and regulations, the boss or the manager or the Board of professors or any of its committees .
19. The composition of temporary committees appointed in the performance of his duties when he deems it necessary .

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