Professors Council members:

Professors Council members:
Council is formed of professors as follows:
1. Rector
2. Vice Chancellor
3. Vice President
4. Deans of Colleges and Schools and the Dean of Student Affairs
5. Librarian
6. directors of institutes and centers
7. heads of departments and units training
8. All faculty members who are in the rank of professor
9. such as one for each of the schools, colleges and Alemrakzalty not have sections and that all seven members of the faculty
10. The two members representing the students, chosen by the students union
11. Secretary of Scientific Affairs University
12. The vice-deans found
Professors Council tasks:
1. Submission of proposals to the Council on the establishment of conditions and systems for scientific qualifications required to accept students in university studies
2. overall organization of the study programs the university exams to be held in accordance with the provisions of the statutes, to set the regulation colleges, schools, institutes, centers and departments and training modules, modify, and re-consider and determine the materials that specializes taught all of the units mentioned above, as well as raise Tqrierllcil about the need to create any college or school or plans Institute or center or department or a new unit or training for any of them should be abolished or merged or divided.
3. granting academic degrees for people who have successfully completed studies adopted by the regulations.
4. granting of honorary degrees and scientific awards to people who are considered worthy of them, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.
5. awarded the title of professor privilege.
6. report to the Council on any matter forward it to him.
7. encourage scientific research and copyright and upgraded.
8. leave additional studies programs.
9. Create and configure the appropriate scientific boards and committees private delegate any of them any of the authorities, which shall be entitled practice with the exception of the authority to grant academic degrees.
10. make recommendations to the Council on the conditions and the scientific foundations for the appointment and promotion of teaching staff.
11. Accounting take appropriate action based on the recommendations of the committees formed against those convicted in breach of the privilege of things scientific work of faculty members of the university or students or who is giving them an honorary scientific or leave.

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