University participate in the World University Conference at the University of Siam Thailand

West Kordufan University participated represented by its director, Professor / Ali Ahmed Adam Hsaboo global events universities Conference which was held in Bangkok, Thailand-area from 17 to 14 November 2016 m.
And it permeated the conference meetings between some university managers led by Siam University, who chaired the organizing committee for the conference. The university has signed memorandums of understanding with its counterpart universities.

Celebrations of the Faculty of Health and Environmental Health Global Handwashing Day

Faculty of Health and Environmental Health celebrated Global Handwashing Day under the slogan «for making hand-washing habit» The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of washing hands with soap and water, as a key factor in the prevention of diseases, especially infectious. Targeted by Al-Manar Elementary School for Girls and retreat Ansar mosque. Where professors and students of the college to explain and AVI for pupils and students of the Koran best way to wash your hands and situations that hand washing is the Balsabon.okan aim of the celebration following:


Visit Rector Faculty of Veterinary Science

Professor Ali Ahmed Hsaboo Rector especially to the Faculty of Veterinary Science visit, and accompanied him on this visit, the Vice President, Dr. Almazllah Saleh Ahmed Balla.
He was welcomed by Dr. Othman Abu Hassan, deputy dean of the faculty and staff college there,


West Kordofan University will host the third forum deans libraries universities Kordofan sector

Hosts West Kordofan University, at its headquarters in the breasts on Saturday, the third Forum of Deans of universities libraries Kordofan sector with the participation of six universities and a number of technical colleges and higher institutes, and the conference provides an opportunity for universities to provide the best libraries kinds of books and scientific references. The forum aimed at deepening the links between higher education institutions and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between universities Kordofan sector.


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