Board of Trustees of the University of West Kordufan at its first meeting for the year 2016

Board of Trustees of the University of West Kordufan met in its first session of 2016 on Wednesday, 12/14/2016 at Rehab West Kordofan .klah University of Medicine and chaired by the Emir Abdelkader Menem Mansour, President of the Council in the presence of Messrs members.
The meeting dealt with the ratification of the previous committee meeting minutes and follow up the implementation of their decisions and recommendations, as well as a showcase for the university buildings projects in the different branches.


A meeting between West Kordofan University and the University Yanju Chinese

Met with Dean of the Faculty of Animal Production, Dr. Haseeb Adam Bukhari and Dr. Adam Musa Adam Dean of the School of Public Health and the health of the environment during their visit to the State of China's management of Chinese Yanju University, and Dr Haseeb during a meeting with the management disciplines University studied by the university in addition to the graduate program offered, as presented an explanation for the university, which aims to improve the performance and effectiveness of the development strategy; to achieve the vision of the university which is access to a prominent place locally, regionally and globally in educational programs, and research activities within the accreditation standards to ensure quality.


GIS in collaboration with the British Council center staying in the training course (skills teacher atheist and the twentieth century)

Witness the current era of cultural conflict that threatens the behaviors and values of communities, hence become a teacher, demanding in turn deepen the student's sense of his society and values clarification from cheap to him, which is broadcast through the media and technological tools of modern different, which is why the teacher that up to accommodate the high culture of the can achieve two main goals with his students are:
- Support for the cultural identity of the Arab and Muslim community.
- Explain patriotic and national plans and promote positive ideas and values prevailing in society.


Commission Conference on Computer fifth Visit University

A delegation from the Committee on the fifth computer conference at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, University of Western Kordufan visited on the seventeenth of this month, representatives of the Organization of the Conference Committee and hosted by the Faculty of Computer Science and information technology university in November, where the delegation met with the director of the university acting and members of the committees the university and downloaded a tour of the university complexes in order to assess and develop priorities and through the Tour of the delegation on the new facilities reassured on the readiness of the University of the infrastructure for the Conference side.

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