West Kordofan University meet to join the Federation of International Universities standards

West Kordofan University has taken due in full to join the Union of global standards and universities after the university's commitment and willingness to develop and defend the core academic values that are considered characteristic features of the Union of Universities and all higher educational institutions, which aims to prosecute and dissemination of knowledge .

Union universities in the world and confirms that the most important criteria to join the membership is the mind and respect for cultural variation in the customs and traditions, which in turn is designed to achieve the goals of higher education that goes beyond the barrier of language, religious beliefs, political ideologies and economic wealth
The Constitution of the World Universities Union, which the university has received a copy of which was translated into Arabic, that the academic values of the universities should be supported and defined the role of educational institutions as follows :
- Media freedom and the dissemination of knowledge and innovation .
- Institutional independence balanced with responsibility towards the community and granting to it.
- Excellence as a standard of performance .
- Oppose all forms of discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion .
- Respect for others' opinions .
- Upgrade and development of cultural dialogue and learning .
- Academic freedom of mobility and promote the internationalization of knowledge and universality .
- Upgrade observance of human rights, justice, freedom and human dignity, solidarity .
The Union of international universities refers in text of the constitution that higher education institutions are research institutions and platforms for beam and scientific freedom, learning and play a big role in the creation of common knowledge of global communities in the context of globalization and cultural openness and scientific and technological development, and calls on the Union universities and higher education institutions to the need for knowledge creation, dissemination and extension equality and the fight against conflicts of all kinds .
For its part, agreed to the University of West Kordofan supporting the Union message confirming that those values and guideline principles embodied in the Constitution of the Union is understandable and clear to members of the faculty and students and all employees of the university .

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