Visit the president of the University of West Kordofan

Praised Marshal / Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, President of the Republic Bmjhodat West Kordofan University and excellent estimated effective in communities service and interaction with all of the events and issues of concern to the whole of Sudan and its participation came at the opening of Wednesday morning 08/31/2016 Emir Abdelkader Menem Mansour Hall of the Faculty of Medicine and health Sciences at the conclusion of his visit to the state of West Kordofan locality breasts.

For his part, thanked Prince / Abdul Qadir Menem Mansour, chairman of the University Council, West Kordofan University of Management this active participation that contributed to the success of the visit and the program Mr. / President of the Republic to the local breasts stressing happiness this beautiful interaction from the university confirming their quest diligent support and support for all the faculties of West Kordofan University mandate until you turn the avant-garde in the service of society and the advancement in all the different levels.

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