West Kordofan University will host the third forum deans libraries universities Kordofan sector

Hosts West Kordofan University, at its headquarters in the breasts on Saturday, the third Forum of Deans of universities libraries Kordofan sector with the participation of six universities and a number of technical colleges and higher institutes, and the conference provides an opportunity for universities to provide the best libraries kinds of books and scientific references. The forum aimed at deepening the links between higher education institutions and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between universities Kordofan sector.

For his part, Rector, Prof. Ahmed Hsabo, that this conference will provide an opportunity for universities to provide the best libraries kinds of books and scientific references, what the benefit and interest to professors and students of those universities.
Expected to conclude a number of framework agreements between the professors of the University of West Kordofan, and director of global publishing house, so as to print more than 30 books have been authored and produced by professors of the University of West Kordofan.
And will be presenting some scientific papers that will discuss library issues, including a paper entitled "Open Access research information and Alalmah- experience Sudanese universities," University of West Kordofan model "prepared and submitted in the forum, Dr. Firdaus, and Eptdr debate where Dr. Hamad Ahmed Rabah, a professor Assistant Library and information Department at the University of peace, headed by its Dr. Sadiq Mohammed Adam, dean of libraries at the University of Kordofan.
The city of breasts may be received on Thursday, the Egyptian doctor Mohammad Abdul Hamid Mahmoud, global publishing house director, who arrived in Cairo to participate in the third book, which hosted by the University of West Kordofan this year's show.
And continue the forum accompanying the exhibition Saturday, October 8th until Thursday, October 13 martyrs Balnhod complex.



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