GIS in collaboration with the British Council center staying in the training course (skills teacher atheist and the twentieth century)

Witness the current era of cultural conflict that threatens the behaviors and values of communities, hence become a teacher, demanding in turn deepen the student's sense of his society and values clarification from cheap to him, which is broadcast through the media and technological tools of modern different, which is why the teacher that up to accommodate the high culture of the can achieve two main goals with his students are:
- Support for the cultural identity of the Arab and Muslim community.
- Explain patriotic and national plans and promote positive ideas and values prevailing in society.

Hence it resided GIS Center in cooperation with the Cultural Council Albertani cycle (skills teacher atheist and the twentieth century) at the University of West Kordofan under the auspices of Prof. Ali Ahmed Hsaboo Adam.
The aim of this course is to identify the most important skills that should be owned by gurus atheist and the twentieth century to enter the era of the knowledge economy in order to build a knowledge-based society in the light of the multiple challenges faced by educational systems, are: (development of higher skills of thinking, life skills management, management of students' abilities , support the knowledge economy, education technology management, the art of learning management, calendar management system (.

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