The Medical Laboratory Program at the Faculty of Medicine organized a workshop on "Academic Evaluation in Medical Education"

Thirty medical doctors from different specialties and degrees had participated in training course about the methods of evaluation in medical education which was organized by the medical laboratory Program, faculty of medicine and Health Sciences. The course concentrated on MHESR criteria of assessing the comprehensive medical education for medical doctors.


An expert in medical education, Dr. Yaser declared that, this course aims to improve the performance of medical field workers towards the total quality concept.
Medical laboratory program coordinator Dr. Omer mentioned that, such types of training coerces improve the academic performance in medical sciences as general and particularly to achieve the standards of the model college.Dean of the faculty of medicine and health Sciences Dr. Sulaiman M. A said that, medical performance evaluated base on MHESR standards through four axes begin with the comprehensive evaluation, direct observation, review and confirm the proper procedures for dealing with patient health and documenting of these procedures.Finally all participants were awarded certificates of attendance and they highly appreciated the efforts of Dr. Yaser during training period.

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