Faculty of Veterinary Science

Established in December 2006 at Gibeish town. It aims at achieving the following goals:
-     To offer a well –qualified, skillful and excellent vets capable of bridging the gap in vets in the Sudan in general and the local territory in particular.
-     To develop and promote the huge numbers of live stock in the region and to offer health care and medical treatment.
The veterinary hospital which the university administration established at Gibeish is considered to be one of the greatest achievements at the campus in addition to great veterinary farm in Migeileema which is famous for its excellent range land.
The live- stock market in Gibeish is the biggest in the Sudan which is mainly concerned with marketing an excellent species of desert sheep.


The faculty encompasses the following departments:
1.    Basic and Professional Sciences
2.    Semi- clinical Science
3.    Clinical Sciences
4.    Animal Production
5.    Lab Technology      

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