Deanship of Libraries

It was established in 1998 at El- Nuhud campus where the main library is located. The university libraries contain over 21000 books and references in Arabic and English in all fields of knowledge especially those that serve the university disciplines , researchers and library visitors
1.    Borrowing  Department
2.    Department of  Theses
3.    Department of Supply
4.    Department of Bibliography
5.    Department of Indexing and Classification
6.    Electronic  Library and Automated Data
7.    Department of Periodicals
In addition to the Main Library each faculty has its own branch library.
A remarkable resource center in the near future
To achieve the scientific and research goals of UWK
To serve researchers, staff members , students , visitors  by providing all types of traditional and electronic  sources
To promote the awareness of the importance of knowledge among the members of the local community
The dean of the libraries is Dr. Firdous Omar Osman

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