Agent Management

Vice President:
D. Moez Mohammed Balla
The university management is the agent of the most important and oldest departments in terms of incorporation, accounting and academic support for the process of the vital artery of the administrative, financial and service sectors and infrastructure development Altanaho.
Agent management established at the University since its inception to be supportive of the educational process at the university and director assisted in the management of administrative and financial affairs at the university, also oversees the work of the departments associated with it and the organization of all university work associated with these perspectives to the highest local and international standards.
About administrative and financial system functioning contribute to the university to global leadership.
Overseeing the development and implementation of administrative and financial processes efficiently, contributing to an effective environment, and to diversify sources of investment to strengthen the financial resources of the self University.
 improve the level of financial and administrative services and the development of all technical and service sectors of the university using the latest and best techniques.
 continuous improvement of human resources and competencies in various sectors of quality and quantity.
 precise documentation of processes and documents and various documents at the university through the adoption and development to automate and computerize these operations management systems.
 work to find mechanisms to ensure continuity in the development of work management
 hard drive and hard work to get to the stage of achieving total quality and sustainable development.
The functions of the Vice President:
1. Administrative proper functioning of each administrative and financial departments at the university.
2. The terms of reference for coordination between the central, administrative and financial terms of reference of the university and colleges, financial and administrative units.
3. presidency of the Commission and the Committee of the buildings and fields, gardens and any management committee or other financial decides its composition from time to time.
4. kept in an orderly manner to all documents, records, and documents of private property and the university property, and those determined by the Director from time to time.
5. Assistant Director in the periodic review of the development plan prepared with the university to provide follow-up reports so special.
6. Follow-up to the implementation of the recommendations and decisions of the Executive Council of the League and the Finance Committee.
7. advising the Director of The University Council through the Director about the best ways for the development of sources of income and investment of the university.
8. Assistant Director in anything to prevent it, in addition to doing anything Ichaelh him.
Former agents
1. D. Mohamed Farah Jibril
2. D. Suleiman Mohammed Radwan
3. D. Mohammed Ahmed Bishara
4. D. Osman Mohamed Obonaib
5. D. Almazllah Mohamed Balla

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