Quality Management and Strategic Planning

Creativity and excellence in quality and strategic planning practices of the university.
The message:
Continuous quality improvement in all units of the university through the application of modern quality systems to support the mission of the university and to achieve its strategic goals.
Deanship quality goals:
1. performance evaluation and quality assurance units university administrative and academic.
2. achieve the objectives of the university relating to accreditation and quality issues.
3. Follow-up to the university for the preparation and implementation of evaluation and academic accreditation plans and quality assurance activities in the various units of the University, including administrative and academic.
4. The establishment of a scientific and professional relationships between the university and other institutions of excellence in quality and academic accreditation application.
5. Follow-up criteria and indicators for academic and administrative performance by various university units.
 The functions and responsibilities of the Deanship of Quality:
 Duties and responsibilities of the Deanship of quality include the following:
1. Develop a general framework for a strategic plan for quality, and other academic accreditation.
2. activation of the concept of quality and the dissemination of culture at the university.
3. popularization and development of questionnaires for the report of the academic activity of the member of the teaching staff and alumni.
4. Develop standards, plans and policies to measure the output of teaching and learning at the university.
5. evaluate the performance of the outputs of university education through the construction of appropriate standards and testing programs and the university level.
6. dissemination of measurement and evaluation culture at the university.
7. calendar support and assistance and consulting departments, colleges and departments at the university with respect to the measurement of performance and efficiency.
8. preparation of studies to measure and evaluate the outcomes of the educational programs of the quantity and quality

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