Financial management

For administration
Is one of the university departments that follow regulatory and Vice President and aims to direct all financial and accounting business in accordance with the instructions and regulations and the preparation of financial and final account reports annually work is carried out centrally in terms of the link and the exchange and collection of the university dues, runs financial management director and assistant director of administration and heads of the specialized sections
We strive for excellence in the provision of financial services to all employees of the university and those collaborating with them in proportion to the general regulations
Achieve an ideal working environment to reach the highest quality in the provision of services by simplifying work procedures and develop degrees
1. rehabilitation and training of personnel management so that they can implement future plans
2. Development of the accounting system and improved to be able to absorb all financial operations.
3. The obligation to complete the financial operations in accordance with the generally accepted professional standards.
4. Coordinate with the departments of the university for the completion and implementation of the business as quickly as required.
Management tasks
1. Follow-up financial regulations and Alloihh.
2. Verify that all movable and immovable university funds are used for the purposes for which have been allocated.
3. examine the Covenant and the secretariats and verifiable.
Departments Administration
Secretarial - payments - salaries - adjustments - Treasury - Revenue - Covenant and secretariats - the budget - stores - barns

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